Regnerate: 'to revive or produce anew; bring into existence again'.

The aim of this project was to transform old objects and materials found within the home.

"We seem to discard things which as much ease as we acquire them"- Boradker, 2010

The theory was based upon ideas of creating deeper and longer lasting connections to materialistic things if we were able to extend the life cycle of them.

No longer would we be consumed by constant needs and wants, but instead would value the things we already owned.

Learning how to take care and repair them when the time comes.

The objects created were produced from disused mix tapes, recycled textiles and heirloom doilies from my great grandmother.

The mixed tapes were encased within textiles that now had a new purpose to hold and protect. The doilies added decoration to the forms and accentuated the intricate details upon all the objects.

The process of this work transformed the disused materials into art forms.

Some questions I want you to take away from this project are:

+ What objects have you thrown out this year?
+ Were they still functioning?
+ Do you want to make less of an impact upon the environment?
+ Could you have passed it on to someone else instead of throwing it away?
+ Did you replace the item with a new one?
+ Do you understand the impact your actions have on the environment?