Natalie is the founder of NCR Design. She graduated from UNSW Art and Design Campus, Sydney in 2017 with an Honours Degree in Textile and Graphic Design.

Natalie's practice is influenced by the world around her, she takes inspiration from natural formations of the land, leading many of her works to follow slow design methodologies and reuse discourses through her material explorations.

The iconic basketry of NCR Design was first created in a university assessment that explored life itself. The rope was old rope Natalie had found at home and she hoped to reuse it in a purposeful way.

She created art forms that related and spoke to human experiences. The way the material took shape was on its own accord, the artist's hand just helped to guide.

Through this way of working, it became apparent that the baskets represented how in life there are certain circumstances we are unable to control fully. The forms represented the mishaps and pain we experience, but also how these incidents shape who we are as they stood strong as a collection of vessels.

The connection to human experiences can be seen through many forms in Natalie's work. She tries to inform and connect viewers to her designs, inducing closer inspection to understand the made object's purpose and meaning.